Payment Terms


Tours in AraraTour company should be paid in two parts: prepayment and final payment


You can make a prepayment by one of the following ways:

For paying by card click on the "Make a prepayment" link at the left footer menu on our website. Insert prepayment amount into space and click "pay now".  Then you will be transferred to the payment system. Here insert your card details to confirm the transaction. At the request of the bank after each transaction, we ask the credit card holder to send us a scan of his/her passport. This is necessary to protect against machinations. For more detailed payment instruction, please see our accurate guidance. Our payment system is maximally protected. To get acquainted with its security, follow this link.

Please note: 3% card service charge is applied to the amount.

In this case, we provide you with an invoice with details and a sum for the payment. The invoice will be provided in any currency you prefer (euro/dollars). In case of bank transfers, the final payments should be made 2-3 weeks prior to the start of the tour. 

Final payment

The final payment is made after your arrival on the spot before the start of the tour. You can make it by one of the following ways:

  1. By card (3% charge is applied if the balance payment is made by card)
  2. By cash (please, take into account that we don't accept 200 and 500 Euro banknotes)

Please, note that once the payment option has been chosen and declared to our tour manager, it cannot be changed on the spot.